Security + Collaboration Made Easy

Kirbside 365 from Kirbside Cloud provides the power of Microsoft 365 coupled with industry leading security and continuity.

Easy Collaboration and Communication from Microsoft

Protected by Enterprise Grade Security and Continuity

Backed by our Stellar Support pros, 24x7x365.


Why Kirbside 365

Better Security

We’ve combined the already advanced security of Microsoft 365 with bleeding edge security platforms from industry leaders to ensure that your users are safe no matter which device they work from. We protect from spam, phishing, viruses, and more!

Better Continuity

Did you know that Microsoft does not backup your data by default? That’s right, Office 365 alone is not enough to ensure highly available backups. That’s why we’ve partnered with DropSuite to offer state of the art, easy to use cloud to cloud backup and archiving.

More Control

By combining Microsoft 365 with other state of the art security and management services, we provide greater control over your data and even your brand.

Powered by Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s newest suite that combines Office 365 + State of the Art Security

Advanced Email Security

We scan email for viruses, phishing, spam, and advanced threats long before it hits the mailbox.


Anti-phishing technology powered by AI allows us to identify phishing messages and remove them in the event they slip past.

Advanced Continuity

Multiple daily cloud to cloud backups of all of your Office 365 data.

Email Signature Automation

Protect and Promote your brand with automated email signatures.

Compliant Email Encryption

Secure, easy to use, and compliant email encryption.

Enhanced Multifactor

Enhanced Multifactor Authentication from Duo Security, the industry’s #1 leader in establishing secure trust.

Backed by Stellar Support

24x7x365 support for your mission-critical products from our Microsoft support experts.

Top-Notch Implementation and Engineering

As a Pax8 partner, we supplement our internal team with their entire team of Microsoft support and implementation pros.


Kirbside 365 Plans

Need more? Stellar IT is a Complete IT platform for legal and financial firms.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft 365?
A complete, intelligent solution, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely.
How does support work?

As your Microsoft Partner, Kirbside Cloud provides 24x7x365 support of your mission-critical stack, and 8×5 support of all ancillary services.

Is Kirbside 365 available for Non-Profits

Yes! Kirbside 365 for Non-Profits is available to US-based 501(c)3 nonprofits. Call for details.

What is Kirbside 365?

Kirbside 365 is an advanced suite of business collaboration and security tools designed to empower the modern business to become a digital-first entity. We combine the power of Microsoft 365 with a suite of partner-driven technologies to create the most secure collaboration and security platform available. 

Is Kirbside 365 available for government?

Yes! Kirbside 365 GCC is available to government agencies who qualify for the Office 365 GCC offerings. Call us for details.

Are additional suites available?

Yes! Depending on your need, we can custom-tailor a solution to meet your unique demands. Call us to get started.

Further, discounts are available for Unified Cloud and Stellar IT clients.

We Make Cloud Easy!

24/7 Stellar Support

When you choose Kirbside 365, we go beyond Microsoft Support. You get unlimited access to our Stellar Support team and Cloud Engineering services.

Implementation and Pro Services

Our implementation specialist and cloud architects are here for you to help you on your cloud-first journey.

Get in Touch for a Free Demo

We’ll walk you through the tools and services that make Kirbside 365 the easiest secure collaboration decision on the market.