Kirbside Cloud Unified Workspace

Mobility, Security, Reliability, Control

Unified Workspace provides a comprehensive hosted desktop solution. Empower your team with a consistent work experience across all of their devices, anywhere access, and Stellar Reliability all hosted in our secure and compliant environment backed up a 99.9% uptime SLA

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Unified Workspace Delivers A Better Technology Experience

A Consistent Workspace, When and Where You Need It

We are in the prime age of working on the go on the devices we want to. Work is no longer a place you go, work is a thing you do. When you empower your team with Unified Workspace from Kirbside Cloud, they’ll get secure access to a consistent workspace when and where they need it. Your team can login to their Unified Workspace from the devices they want to and still access the same desktop and applications they need to do their best work.

Hosted On Our Reliable, Secure, and Compliant Cloud

Your teams’ Unified Workspaces are hosted on our rock-solid cloud. We’ve baked security and reliability into the core of our Unified Workspace. You get peace of mind with Stellar Security, the compliance you need, and a 99.9% uptime SLA.

The Best Remote Desktop Experience

Our Unified Workspace platform is built on the best technology to deliver the best possible experience to your team. Utilizing the latest versions of Windows Server and VMWare Horizon, your team gets the highest quality connection possible to ensure a seamless work experience.

Built From The Ground Up With Stellar Security

Your data is critical. That’s why Unified Workspace is built from the group up with Stellar Security in mind. Your Unified Workspaces are protected by industry leading antivirus, threat detection, web filtering, and two-factor authentication standard. Further, we’re ready to help you get or remain compliant with your compliance requirements such as HIPAA.

Unified Workspace Is Ideal For


Your team can access your EHR and other critical data securely and reliably. Further, Unified Workspace enables them to start work in one room, disconnect, and reconnect in another place to resume exactly what they were workign on.

Accounting & Financial

Secure your customer data while providing your team with a consistent and reliable environment from which to work with your critical applications.


Data security is critical for your law firm. Unified Workspace provides a highly secure and easy to use desktop experience to all of your firm’s team members. You can access your apps and data in a secure manner from a myriad of devices and from anywhere with internet.

Remote Workforce

Your distributed workforce can securely and easily work together on one platform that’s easy to manage, train on, and scale to meet the needs of your growing organization.

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